3 Ways to Overcome Spam

3 ways to overcome spam


“We couldn’t send or receive email.”

“A bounce message is sent to our email account. How can we fix it?”


Web industry is amazing. You could send message or receive message across the network at an instant rate. You could also face trouble in receiving or sending message when spam enters the world.


Generally, spam is a ubiquitous problem that penetrates and pollutes user accounts globally.
This article will explain these 3 spam situations and their solutions.


1. Spammers forge user’s email address to send spam to others

Spammer will use multiple attacks such as brute-force attack to determine the users’ passwords and send the spam into the account.

Solution: Choose a new, stronger password to defend against unauthorized party access to your computer. Try to create passwords that are easy to remember but hard to guess such as changing “He loves designing website for people” into “Hldw4p+-”.


2. Spammers spam the website form

Most of the websites include contact form in order to keep in touch with the people. However, the contact form on website attracts spammers to spread the spam.

Solution: Make use of CAPTCHA to enable the users to enter input before successfully clicking on the “Submit” button. By doing so, you can determine whether the form is sent by a human or a spambot.


3. IP address is blacklisted

The email bounce-back error message will send to user’s email account when the mail server is listed in a blacklist.

Solution: Investigate which website that blacklists your IP address and send a request to de-list your IP address from the blacklist. It will take the team 24-48 hours to respond to the request.


As Bill Gates once said, “I get more spam than anyone I know”.
Although spam has become a constant component in our live,
it can be conquered by knowing its causes.



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