5 Good Reasons You Need a Website

“Have you ever wondered why you really need a Website?”

There are approximately 3 billion of Internet users in the world! Imagine, there are nearly 46174 searchers on Google per second. Those Internet users could be your potential customers regardless the size of your business.

8verstudio explains 5 advantages of owning a Website:

1. Website is no “Sleeping Beauty

Website is a static living thing. Website is static because it “opens” 24/7 without being disappear at all. So, the Internet users get to enjoy window shopping after the working hours.

Website is a living thing because your business opens 24/7. Many people love surfing the Web after working hours as they know that most businesses close at night. Besides, Website acts as a universal communication tool between your company and the audience. The fact is that Website owners get to install free homepage translator tool for their Website.

Faithview Group is a commercial property development company. Although it opens during office hours, the company’s potential customers or investors still able to find out about their latest projects on their own time online.


Left: Faithview Group in Melaka, Malaysia
Right: Faithview Group Website

2. Showcase your products and services

As the saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This proverb is applicable in real life when you show off your products and services. Displaying your products and services online will encourage the potential customers to visualize the product and services when doing their research online.

You will leave a good impression to the customers as their researches will armed with your products and services’ descriptions on webpages. Remember, potential customers will then do research through several Websites under your field.

Anjungan Beach Resort & Spa is situated between two of Pangkor’s best beaches. The curious customers may wonder how awesome the accommodation is. They can click on the accommodation‘s pictures to uncover their curiosity.

Anjungan Beach Resort and Spa

Anjungan Beach Resort & Spa’s accommodation webpage

 3. You own your Website, your virtual home

“I have a business page on online social networking service. The number of followers is mushrooming!”

It is a fact that you can upload your business products, services and contact information on social media platform. Somehow, social media platforms are your rental homes. In addition, they change rules and format every now and then.

On the contrary, you set your own rules for your Website. You can decide where to place your latest news, products and services on your pages. Just like your real home, you are flexible in placing your furniture.

Website is virtual home [Image by Renjith Krishnan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net]

Image by Renjith Krishnan via FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

4. Better information delivery and enhance communication

A good Website with smooth flow from page to page of information will guide the audience effectively. Audience will remember your company as they can listen to the audio or watch video related to their information. People only retain 10% of the knowledge from reading. They can retain 30% of it from watching a video.

Website is the best communication tool. Audience communicates with your Website through the survey forms and leaves fruitful suggestions in a comment box. This will bridge the gap between the audience and the company. Orison Swett Marden once said, “The golden rule for every business man is this: ‘Put yourself in your customer’s place’”.

Our company, 8verstudio has recently created a Customer Satisfactory Form. The information collected through this form makes us aware of our clients’ needs. It also makes us realize that there are some points that we have missed out and we can try to improve from them.


8verstudio Customer Satisfactory Form

5. Website is affordable and expandable marketing channel

Website is a flexible ingredient to promote your business or organization. There is no limitation of advertising lines or words on your webpages. You can write as much as you want without worrying the expenses each time you update or create latest news.

You will get free advertising on your Website. Social media icons can be uploaded to your website’s pages. People will click the buttons when they think that the page information is useful. Eventually, people all around the world will know your business.

Mahkota Medical Center private health care services provider. It is vital for the team to keep people with the latest medical information. Their potential customers get to expose to the hospital’s latest news on the homepage every time because the team updates the latest news every time.

Mahkota Medical Center Homepage

Mahkota Medical Center Homepage

Owning a Website is important. It allows visitors to come to your page 24/7 to do research on your products and services. Besides, owning a website gives you flexibility in changing the content positions anytime. It also connects your customers and keeps them updated with the latest news and events.

“Even if people have heard about your company, they may want to carry out research online first, before leaving the house.”

-Charles Jackson, Demand Media


p/s: If you are interested in creating a Website, do feel free to give us a call at +6(06) 253 3588.


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