5 Websites Design Trends to Conquer 2015

The only important thing about design is how it relates to people.
-Victor Papanek

Your website is the golden window to your business. Design is the first touch to communicate with your visitors. So, having a great website’s interface is the next step to attract potential customers.

“I have prepared the content and materials but how do I know what kind of design suits my business?” is a common question that arises when someone plans to create a website.
Now, the designers will enhance the whole package with their imagination and creative skills.

There are 5 powerful website design trends to welcome 2015:

1. Responsive Web Design
Responsive web design eases mobile users’ job. Since mobile users have increased tremendously, this design responds to mobile users’ behavior with flexible screen size.

According to Social Driver, responsive web design has contributed lots to various industries. Mobile users will enjoy browsing the web with minimum scrolling. Besides, they can reach their goal search without the need for zooming.

The advantages of responsive web design will attract potential customers to revisit your website because responsive web design produces efficient effect.

2. Parallax Scrolling
Parallax Scrolling is a technique which allows the foreground images to move faster than the background images. This technique enhances user interactive by immersing the users in the virtual world with this walk-through experience.

An innovative health care suggested having parallax scrolling for his clinic’s website with one goal in mind. He hopes his patients can access to his clinic’s website easily, without having to click on each single button or link.

This amazing technique will transit a list of services between frames of text. Each frame brings the users to each service equipped with description. Users will enjoy staying longer on the
webpages as they are immersed in those webpages.

drug treatment

Drug Treatment Website

3. Card
When we were young, adults always said, “Let’s use flashcard to simplify information.” .

Card has successfully captured web industry’s heart nowadays. It separates content into individual component on a webpage. Moreover, card helps the users to “get to the point” by identifying the various composition of information in rectangular entities.

Card is a fun way to brighten up the users’ mood when the visited websites are decorated with animation and movement. Users get to absorb the information through various sources such as videos and music which are embedded in rectangular entities.


Pinterest Website

4.  Typographic Web Design
Typography reminds us on “keep it short and simple”. Font is the most powerful ingredient to pull the visitors into your business. Big texts and short sentences trigger the visitors’ mind.

Steve Jobs has contributed beautiful typography to computer. His positive contribution in Apple’s store catches the users’ heart. Good typography produces professional website. It will determine visitors’ mood since the first impression is important.

Thus, good typography will give your visitors a clear information picture. This will determine whether they will come back to your website again to search more information.


Kin HR Website

5. Flat Design
Flat design has been the rising star in web industry. It’s all started with the minimalistic design of Window 8. Flat design immerses users into 2D world with clean design which convey an organized and elegant style.

Mobile and tablet users love flat design website as it has faster webpage rendering with less-complicated coding. The big and uncluttered buttons allow users to identify each thing easily without being distracted by complicated design.

Clicking on cute 2D icon button with good color combination gives users a clean and fresh website design look. As saying said, “Always add a 2D cute visual to anything you are presenting because everyone, regarding your age, love cute pictures.”.

flat design

Lorenzo Verzini Website

Choose an appropriate website design trend is important. Each website design trend has its own uniqueness which matches your business’s brand. Besides, the latest 2015 website designs lead to user friendliness for both mobile and desktop users.

If you can find what you’re looking for quickly and easily, it means the website has been designed well, with usability in mind
– Arp Laszlo
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