Good Qualities of a Website

Everyone wanted to make their business to grow, to make their company look presentable, and to make them look much more outstanding compared to their rivals. But what gives? How would others know especially those who never heard of your company, or this is their first time hearing about it? Well like people always say, first impression matters.

Website is basically a platform for you to narrate to your client, of what your company is about, what can be offered to them and how they can approach your company in a variety of ways. But how do you know if your website is competent enough to keep your potential clients stay longer on your homepage, or even better, getting the product and services from your company?

Here are 4 aspects which you can bat an eye on and evaluate for yourself, if your website needs a fresh, whole new look for this New Year.

1. Appearance of your site
Commoners like us understood well of how COLOURS may influence us in many different ways. Even in our daily life, we choose and put on our clothes as how we see it fits the situation, or suit our feeling for the day. And of course, this hence applies the same to the website page that we visit. Do you think you wanted to see any overrated sharp colours like red and yellow, over the wordings on the website you visited? Well if you ask me. That would be the last thing I wanted to see for the day.

Next, we will talk about ORIGINALITY. With the fast paced world today where creativity is overflow, it is hard for people not to compare your website with another in making a judgement. Templates are always easy, but they may be close to one another and people can easily sort it out as they make comparison out of it. So, what should you do? Create your own website uniqueness of course! If a little investment worth in buying higher satisfaction from your website visitors, I can’t see a reason to why not do it.

2. Content Wise
Let alone basic INFORMATION of your company like contact no, location, network, company name and logo which practically a mandatory to exist in your website; Other information such as video, photos, blogs, awards and recognition as well as feedback column should be respectively included in for the consumers. You have got to be prepared with sufficient information, because you will never know what your visitors are looking for. Simple rule: If you cannot make your content interesting and compact, you can never make your client to stay.

3. Effectiveness, clarity and simplicity
This is a critical aspect that you will need to consider, on whether your brand is communicating effectively with the clients. For an EFFECTIVE message, it has to be strong with the sense of purpose on whether you are persuading, promoting or informing. Remember, a good message also comes along with clarity and also simplicity for good navigation. You want to give good impression and accredited with good reviews about your product? – Make their life easier, and they will do you the favour.

4. Functionality
What is the point right if you got a sword, but the sword is blunt? That’s right; I’m indicating your website FUNCTIONALITY [Ps: I know because I wrote it clearly there]. A website should have every component work fast and accurate, such as hyperlinks, site search and, especially secure socket layer (SSL) for those e-commerce site. Your clients would definitely want to know if their sensitive information provided like credit card information is securely encrypted. Functionality also counts in term of whether your site is responsive with multiple browsers of different devices.


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