Signs That Your Website Needs an Update

As technology is constantly evolving, there will definitely be a need for an upgrade to keep up with the flow and stay in the latest trend. By staying ahead, you are able to gain competitive advantage. The list below shows the possible signs why you should get an upgrade:

  1. The content on your website are from ages ago.
  2. The footer part in your website is not in the year “2013”. It is like directly showing to     your user that you did not update your website at all.
  3. Certain functions in your website are no longer functioning.
  4. Number of website visitors is going down.
  5. When you compare your website to your competitor and realise that you are far behind.
  6.  ‘404 not found’. If your website displays this message then it is clearly time to change.

If your existing website is facing any of these, do feel free to give us a call so that we can give your website the face lift it deserves.


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